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10 . 2015

Podium 2

Nominated for the BUSWORLD ECW* Innovation label, the new Podium 2 driver's cockpit designed by ACTIA will be unveiled for the first time on Friday 16 October at 10:30 a.m. at the group's stand - booth R47 in the South Rambla. Extended modularity, premium design, cutting-edge technology and high perceived value for bus and coach manufacturers are the four benefits of the dashboard.

Extended modularity
Three customisable areas provide a great deal of flexibility and adaptability for bus manufacturers. Podium 2 offers a wide range of equipment for additional customisation.

Premium design
The adjustable platform of Podium 2 integrates most of the controls and additional functions required by the bus industry. The ergonomic solutions used in Podium 2 (integrated and accessible controls, efficient thermal comfort, ample space for the driver's knees, etc.) contribute to safe and comfortable driving. The dimensions and design of the Podium 2 console meet EBSF standards and ISO/VDV recommendations.

Technology at the cutting edge of innovation
The Podium 2 platform allows for the integration of new functions: head-up display, touch controls, the combined large screen Multic X display - a new generation display developed by ACTIA, power steering and more. These technological functions rise to a new level of demands, the new standards for the sector.

High perceived value
Chrome inserts, ultra p mineral glass for the central display, customisable colour areas, the harmony of the materials, ... all these assets strengthen the perceived value of the latest generation driver's cockpit and bestow an exclusive aesthetic appeal that is fully in line with the interior of the bus and a perfect fit with the visual identity of the fleet operator.

ACTIA expertise in vehicle architecture
A specialist in on-board vehicle systems for almost 30 years, the ACTIA group supports major manufacturers and operators in meeting the challenges of the transport world: safety, profitability, comfort, and environment.

Adapting complex systems and architectures to the difficult environment of commercial and industrial vehicles is ACTIA's area of expertise. It calls upon particularly innovative skills centres for multiplexed architectures, telematics and multimedia. The command of vehicle architecture guarantees an overall approach to vehicle functions and systems. It is supported by a generic offer of electrical control and instrumentation modules that make it possible to build a modular, efficient, and optimised architecture adapted to the needs of each customer. The design of the Podium 2 dashboard, like that of its predecessor, is based on this command of vehicle architecture.


* The results will be presented at the Busworld press conference: Courtrai Xpo - Meeting Center - Wednesday 14 October at 5 p.m.



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With a strategy based on quality, innovation and customer-oriented service, the group is today a leader on its core business for vehicles with small and medium sized production runs.

From components to systems and from systems to networks, ACTIA group proposes an integrated and differentiated approach to meet the new challenges of mobility: safety, environment and connectivity.


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picto ampouleSince it was founded in 1986, ACTIA's spirit and policy of innovation have kept the group a length ahead of the competition. The inventor of electronic diagnostics and a pioneer in the field of vehicle architecture, particularly multiplexed architecture, ACTIA innovates across its skills spectrum to stand out from the crowd, remain independent and maintain its leading position in the field.


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